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Create a trusted product HUMO Technology

Quality in inspections.
We propose inspection equipment to support the future of electronic equipment.

  • System development


    Knowledge and technology that can integrate conveyance technology, measuring instruments, control technology, and image processing technology and optimize it over the entire systemHUMOAutomatic sorting machine is essential.

  • Instrument


    Our proprietary measuring instruments are the leading masters to maximize the performance of automatic sorting machines.

  • Transport


    With ultra-compact MLCC and technology to transport quartz blanks with a thickness of several microns quickly and accurately, we achieve the world’s fastest processing capacity in each field.

  • Control


    Control technology that can be said to be the brain of an automatic sorting machine. Our control technology optimizes the measurement and equipment operation and achieves high processing speed.

  • Image processing


    By using lighting optimized for the object to be measured and a unique algorithm, it will surely detect its state even transparent or translucent crystal blanks.


We are a group of engineers. HUMO SPIRIT

We use casual information tools such as smartphones casually in our daily lives.
Innumerable electronic components are mounted on information devices and electronic devices, and electronic components play an important role related to the quality of the device itself.
Quality is guaranteed by conducting a total inspection of such electronic parts.
It is indispensable for the quality inspection, including automatic sorting machinesHUMOTechnology.

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